Project controls as a service

Amventure is a consultancy in The Netherlands that offers project controls as a service for international projects and programs. We provide a modular package of control instruments including financial project control, project administration, project planning, project quality management, document management and project risk management. You can choose the modules that are required and you pay a fixed amount per month for the duration of your projects.

By integrating controls on money, time, risk and quality you greatly improve the management of your projects. 

After a personal meeting with the team we mostly work online from The Netherlands so we are able to work on projects from around the world. We work on your projects with the same team from start to finish so we provide continuity of service without any loss of knowledge about the project. 

We usually integrate with your financial processes and systems but if required we can also build a dedicated IT infrastructure for your projects and programs. We foster long term relationships with our clients so we know the people, processes and culture. This also enables us to use the lessons learned from one project to the next and stimulate continuous improvement.

For more information about our services, please contact Remco Schrijver on or use the contact button on this page.

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