The benefits of innovation research


Europe is buzzing with innovation and new business ideas in every line of industry. These innovative ideas, products and services can give your company a competitive edge in your country. You can partner up with the European company and become a reseller, technology partner or franchisee.

We focus our research on the following lines of business: IT, mobility, construction, agriculture, energy, healthcare, robotics, artificial intelligence, circular economy and social entrepreneurship.

Amventure helps you find the best innovations for your line of business. We are a consultancy in The Netherlands and we perform innovation market research in Europe for our clients around the world. You receive a summary of the innovations plus contact details of the companies involved. We can also organize online Teams meetings to discuss our findings and the possibilities for your company.

For startup entrepreneurs we offer a membership program where you receive our research findings for only €79,00 per month. This fee includes a personal monthly online brainstorm session and support with writing your business plans.

For more information about our services, please contact Remco Schrijver via or use the contact button on this page.

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